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There are two conceptual models for treatment with cancer and AIDS therapies:

  1. Conventional, with the concept of cancer as an affection located in a specific part of the human body. Therapy seeks to remove the tumor locally.
  2. The approach of biological medicine describes carcinomas as the result of a disorder affecting the whole individual.

In the first case therapy consists of surgery, radiation and cytostatic and chemotherapeutic agents.

In the second case therapy attempts to activate specifically the defence system (immunity) of the human body to exterminate malformed cells.

The medical biological theory assumes that the immune system detects and removes cancerous cells. On the basis of this theory it is possible to understand the implication of a depressed human system.

One of the most successful immune therapies is mistletoe-lectin therapy (LM-1). In laboratory studies in vitro, with animals and humans, it was possible to prove this therapy was able to enhance the depressed immune system to achieve a positive result.

In 18 years of study, mainly during the last 9 years, the results were proven in more than 8 million cases in which Mistletoe-lectin (LM-1) therapy was administered in different forms and in combination with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Intrapleural, intraperitonial, i.v. and intratumoral. See prospective studies. 

Report on Oncology. June, 10th, 1987.

"The mistletoe-lectin (ML-1) extract in vitro proved to have a stimulating effect in the production of lymphokines and lymphocytes as well as in the transformation test. Chemical applications produce the stimulation of cell immunity".

Dr. Arndt Büssing and Dr. Cristina Stumf, Krebsfordsung, Witten University, Herdecke, Germany, wrote:

  1. Mistletoe lectin ML-1 is well tolerated and has no significant toxicity.
  2. In most of the patients (even in serious cases) the quality of life was markedly enhanced.
  3. The clinical condition of HIV (+) patients was stabilized, and a laboratory test confirmed that the progress of the HIV infection was inhibited.
  4. The increased action of white blood cells against breast and colon cancer cells was documented and recorded in a Three-dimensional Collagen Matrix under a microscope.

By now, in Europe, two international multidisciplinary centres have proven And documented the effectiveness of mistletoe-lectin In its use for cervical dysplasia in women and in HIV positive carriers. Dr. Gorter’s second report is about the effectiveness ON kids affected by the Chernobyl accident, in which several doctors and the Ukrainian Paediatric Hospital took part.

The report of the Medicine, Microbiology and Sanitation Institute, Köln University. Germany, written by professor Dr. Josef Beuth, talks about a scientific approach to understand the adjuvant oncology therapy with Viscum Album.

In the meeting about AIDS, held in Dallas USA in Oct. 29th, Nov. 1st, Dr. Gorter explained the use of mistletoe in HIV patients. In his studies it was found that the patients achieve stability and that new clinical evidence does not appear for years. Nowadays the results of three studies carried out in South Africa are being expected. Mistletoe is more beneficial in combination with an antiviral therapy of the AZT type. In Dr. Gorter’s opinion, mistletoe is more beneficial in combinations due to the immunomodulating effect. In the World Conference held in Genoa it was suggested to use AZT antiviral therapies in combination with an immunomodulating therapy such as Mistel – Pabluster. For more information in Internet: .

During the last 10 years relevant evidence appeared about the effectiveness of the abovementioned medicine composed by plant drugs (not chemical) extracted from Viscum album from the French Swiss Alps.

Due to my knowledge and molecular and clinical investigations, I started t o prepare the same product with a sub species of Viscum album growing in our Andean Cordillera, called Pabluster.

I obtained encouraging results since I obtained from Pabluster a higher stimulation of the immune system and consequently, a higher healing power..

During the last 10 years, different international investigational groups, such as:

  • University Witten / Herdecke
  • Canadian Association of Medicine.
  • Oncology Institute of Canada.
  • University of Köln, Germany.
  • Hospital of Budapest, Hungary.
  • European Institute of Oncology and Inmunotherapy, Berlin, Germany.
  • Hospital of the University of San Francisco, USA
  • Dr. Robert Gorter.
  • Dr. Carlos R. Schliemann

set the molecular and clinic technical arguments that prove the effectiveness of the mistletoe – lectin (ML-1) system, obtained from mistletoe or Viscum album is registered in Switzerland, Germany and Holland as an immunotherapeutic oncologic medicine, and it is on approval phase II in Canada and the USA.

It has been used in controlled pilot studies in the Berlin University, Witten/Herdecke, Germany and the University of California, San Francisco, USA, for breast, colon, prostate, brain, intestine cancer, cervical dysplasia, ovary, stomach and lungs, and in metastasis processes. Nowadays, (1999) broader and more extensive investigations are being carried out in Germany, Canada and the USA with mistel-based products

Mistletoe (Viscum album) and cancer.

muerdago.jpg (30816 bytes)Rudolf Steiner’s indication that mistletoe is a medicine for cancer is the result of the knowledge of the relation between the plant and the pathologic process, and was proposed with certain preparations and systems of application. Since then, many doctors are working on this basis to develop a medicine for cancer treatment. Helixor® is the best known medical product of this kind. There exist important investigations and clinical experiences with these product.

Since this treatment has been widely accepted, it will be shortly described here to facilitate the understanding of its operating mode.

It is a strange fact that a small plant such as mistletoe is really useful in the treatment of cancer. What is cancer about? We know it consists of a local multiplication of cells. In a specific moment that escapes to observation, a cell splits into two cells of "wild" uncontrolled growth, instead of dividing into two "normal" cells. These new cells grow not only faster, but also without respecting organ boundaries. Without medical surgery, the tumor continues to grow. This affects the whole organism, which turns weaker, invaded and poisoned by carcinoma and metastases, and in the end, collapses. It is perfectly normal to attempt a tumor surgery or to fight the cancerous cells with radiation or chemotherapy (cytostatics). All these are necessary and reasonable interventions, but have also a great significance. Therefore, the inevitable positive and negative consequences of these procedures must be evaluated, since rays, as well as chemical substances, have a destructive effect, for they are meant to destruct. As regards mistletoe, how is it possible that a plant with almost no toxic properties is probably more efficient than these procedures? This seems unacceptable, mainly for specialists.

The effect caused by mistletoe Is, in fact, very different from the ones produced by the abovementioned means. To understand it, it is necessary to get familiar with the characteristics of this plant.

In which way is all this related to cancer? Healthy growth must be constantly guided and dominated. Undoubtedly, the cancerous tumor is alive (it possesses too much "vitality"); nevertheless, its growth shows that a it isn’t properly organised and formed, which means that cancer is an alien living substance. Its growth is disturbed and it lives at the expense of the organism. The body’s energy are too weak to dominate and stop the tumor’s growth. Moreover, these formative forces come from the whole body. Therefore, it is not possible to find them in individual cells.

Only a few years ago the importance of the organism, its ability to defend itself, of identifying alien life began to be studied. Immunology is nowadays centred mainly in cancer, and it has been discovered that the organism of people suffering from cancer is "blind" to this alien life and has no energy to defend itself against it. This leads to a new possibility for the treatment of cancer: the strengthening of the defences, which is nowadays the main constituent of a worldwide program of investigation, the results of which are already being put into practise. It must be noted that a few years ago, surgery and radiation were the only means to fight cancer.

In the mistletoe two active principles are combined: in this plant, through new experiments, many substances of great cytostatic effect were found. In all cultures this substances are more effective in destroying cancerous cells or stopping their proliferation than traditional chemical substances, which paralyse body defences. Besides their effectiveness against cancer cells, mistletoe substances stimulate the whole immune system, as well as proven by experimental tests. A surprising fact about mistletoe is that it not only acts successfully against cancer cells, but also stimulates the whole body defences, which means that it fights the pain of cancer. In fact, there’s no other substance that combines both principles: It has a cytostatic effect, that is inhibitory of cancerous cells, and it has an immunostimulant effect, that is, it helps the whole organism to fight that "false life". This distinctive quality of mistletoe should attract the attention of the oncologists around the world, since it represents a new way without the serious consequences of absolute destruction.

Meanwhile, extensive practise has demonstrated that, in fact, stimulation of body defences with mistletoe is possible. Many clinical reports confirm that mistletoe therapy is free from the well known damage caused by traditional cytostatics. In a high percentage of the treated patients, an increase of the survival time was observed. Moreover, it was possible to delay or stop, and sometimes to achieve an involution of tumor growth.

It is possible, through preventive application, to counteract tumor formation or to avoid metastasis. But investigations in this field continue to look for the new possibilities offered by mistletoe.


Depending on the case, and after evaluation, Pabluster is generally administered in drops and Mistel  injectable s. c. and, in some cases, a subcutaneous complement such as Formica, Argentum, Mercurius or Cuprum.


Cancer patients suffer from hepatic alterations. The liver is the anabolic organ that plays a significant function in the life of the cancer patient. Proper nutrition is essential to overcome hepatic disorders.


The starting point of this therapy is the anthropologic idea that cancer is a pathologic state of the whole organism, with a specific location.

A healthy organism has the ability to control the cell growing tendency. The carcinoma, on the contrary, appears during an imbalance caused by excessive cell growth and lack of control.

The aim of the therapy is to restore the balance between the body and the cells. This can be achieved by straight prevention of all growth, as in the case of radiotherapy, cytostatics administration and surgery.

nowadays there’s no doubt about the importance of immunocompetetent cells and the role of the tymus during cancer evolution. In general, we can say that in the treatment with Viscum album stimulation of the defensive phagocytic capacity of the whole reticuloendothelial system takes place, increasing not only cellular but also humoral immunity. Viscum album extracts (Helixor and Pabluster) act over the cell nuclear information, influencing transcription and therefore restoring normal cellular functions. Besides, some hours after a s. c. injection of Iscador a moderate increase of the median temperature occurs, and its daily course is stabilized and becomes regular. Moreover, it was proven that leukocytosis moves to the left in the hemogram for several hours.

As a consequence, it can be observed in some cases such as a on visible vesical carcinoma that the tumor returns to a polyp, then to an erosion, finally leading to cicatrisation.

By now, medicines composed of Viscum album are the only known therapeutic substances that, apart from significant cytostatic activity, produce the stimulation of immunodefenses. There are several clinical experiments about this topic that can be found in Internet. Search for Iscador (English and German).

Serial treatments carried out at the University Clinics (Munich and Basilea), the Viena-Lainz Hospital, Lucas de Arlesheim Clinic and University Hospital, Witten/Herdecke reflect a significant increase of the survival time as the result of persistent treatment with Iscador in different phases of cervix, ovary, vagina, breast, stomach, colon, bronchi carcinoma, among others.

Therefore, Helixor and Pabluster treatment is indicated for the following: specific strengthening of the immune system, pre-cancerous state, tumoral affections, prophylaxis or recidivation after tumoral surgery, alterations of normal hematogenesis, including hematopoietic organs pathology.


Pre- surgery, chemo and radiotherapy treatment.

During this stage the patient is still in a relatively good general condition. In this group are most of the treated patients with malign tumor, and the results are very positive, according to the experiments carried out with Helixor and Pabluster.

Post-surgery treatment and administration parallel to chemo and radiotherapy

Post- surgical treatment should start as soon as possible. This kind of treatment can reduce, according to our experience, the number of recidivations and late metastases.

Viscum Album  treatment together with radiotherapy leads to a better tolerance of rays, increases tumor sensitivity to radiotherapy, avoids the appearance of leucopoenia or makes it weaker; it also reduces skin disorders.

Inoperable tumors and metastasis

Tumor growth cessation or involution is frequently observed. This involution and a better tumor delimitation as a result of treatment with Viscum Album, can make an inoperable tumor operable.

Intracranial and Intraspinal tumors

In brain and medullar primary tumors, as well as in intracranial metastasis it is necessary in many cases the oral administration (sublingual  - 15 drops of Iscador 3% and Pabluster 5% 3 times a day in the case of brain metastasis primary tumors originated in other organs), since injections can cause a rise in endocranial pressure caused by edema, due to peritumoral hyperaemia.


Sarcomas are treated with Viscum Album according to their location and phase, the same as carcinomas. For extremity sarcomas Helixor P are administered. Helixor   M for women, Helixor  Qu for men and Pabluster D2.

Granulomatous and no-Hodgkin Lymphoma

For male as well as for female patients, the treatment is carried out with Helixor P preparations, adding Mercurius vivus naturalis D6 (1 ml ampules), and Pabluster D3.


Viscum Album treatments for hematoblastosis are by now as efficient as solid tumor therapy. Nevertheless, Helixor M and Pabluster D2 preparations can extend the time of remission and increase tolerance to chemotherapy.


The results in this field are more favourable than those for leucosis, but not so good as those for carcinoma. Helixor and Pabluster D3 are indicated.

Pre-cancerous affections

Through the treatment with the Helixor, Iscador P preparation related to tumor location, the malign degeneration of the following affections can be avoided and involution achieved:

  • callose stomach ulcer
  • neck of uterus affections (PAPANICOLAU est. II and III)
  • kraurosis vulvae
  • bladder or intestine papillomatosis
  • mucous leukoplakia
  • proliferative mastopathy III
  • senile verrucae
  • ulcerative colitis
  • morbus Crohn


Viscum Album should not be administered in cases of a rise of endocranial pressure produced by intracranial or intraspinal tumors. Therapy must be discontinued in case of high temperature over 38ºC. Iscador injections must not be administered during the first days of the menstrual period. Depending on the degree of pathogenicity, it can be relatively contraindicated in the treatment of acute tuberculosis, morbus Basedow and toxic thyroid adenoma.

Urticaria or Edema: Injectable antihistaminic Tagamet type 400 mg.

Breathing affections: Injectable Prednisolona 100. 250 mg Decadron.

Shock or cardiac alterations:

1º 0.05 Adrenaline. 0.1 i. v. in physiological saline. 1.1000 in 9 ml of physiological saline. The dose can be repeated after 2 minutes.

2º Prednisolona 500 i. v. 1000 mg.

3º Serum 500. 1500 ml.

In 1993 Dr. Marcelo Wagner, professor of Pharmacology in the Universidad de Buenos Aires presented his Thesis on Viscum album from the Swiss Alps compared to that from Argentina.

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